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December 2, 2020


Roof Ventilation


3 Reasons Why Your House Needs Roof Ventilation

Ventilation refers to the flow of air throughout your home. It is an extremely important thing to consider when working on or buying a home as poor ventilation will have serious repercussions to your health as well as the lifespan of your roof.

Here are 3 reasons why roof ventilation is important for your home:

Extends The Life of Your Roof

As we’ve already mentioned, poor ventilation can shorten the lifespan of your roof.

With proper ventilation throughout your home, warm air will be able to escape as necessary. This will prevent things such as melted snow, icicles, and ice forming on your roof, which can cause water damage.

Reduces Energy Costs

When the weather finally turns and AC is once again required in the home in order for the occupants to remain comfortable, a properly vented roof will help warm air escape the home. This ensures that cool air stays inside the home and that your AC does not over work itself to compensate for the loss of cool air. This results in a lower electricity bill every month.

Reduce Indoor Temperature Extremes

Do you find yourself running through hot and cold pockets throughout your home? That might be because your roof is not properly vented! Temperature extremes are caused by poorly vented roofs as air is not able to escape or remain in the home as occupants would desire. Venting your roof properly will ensure that your home is at the temperature you want it at, no matter what room you are in.

Some questions you might have may include: how many roof vents do you need? Do I need a new roof to do this? How much will it cost? Is my roof in need of proper ventilation?

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