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December 20, 2018


Roof Maintenance


3 Roof Maintenance Tips to Follow

Even the most durable roofing systems will eventually show signs of damage and the need to be up kept. Thus, it’s important to have a maintenance routine to check up on your roof’s integrity. That’s why we’ve included 3 tips to add to your roof maintenance check to ensure everything is in working order.

Take Note of Early Signs of Damage

When it comes to signs of damage, don’t discount small irregularities or problem areas. Although they may seem relatively fine and non-problematic at that moment, they can quickly change in a small time. Therefore, a way to keep these areas in check is to make a list of potential problem spots and pay extra attention to them. Potential signs of early damage include curled shingles, damaged eavestrough, or large debris build up. Check for early signs of damage and have them fixed before they can put your roof’s integrity in jeopardy.

Take in your Surroundings

A big part of maintaining your roof’s integrity is to be aware of your home’s surroundings. An important aspect to look out for is the proximity of trees to your roof. While trees can be great for the overall appearance of your property, they can also pose problems to your roof. To keep trees in check, add an inspection of your home’s surroundings to your maintenance routine. This way, if you see that branches are starting to get too long and hanging over your roof, you can remove them before they are able to cause any damage.

Have a Schedule for Maintenance Checkups

With roof inspections, it’s easy to forget when you last did one and let them slip down your priority list. That’s why creating a maintenance schedule is a great way to keep everything under control and regularly checked. This can include having a monthly checklist of areas of the roof, and once you’ve done the inspection the areas can be crossed off the list. You won’t forget to check any parts, and will ensure to make roof maintenance a regular routine!