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August 15, 2019


Roof Inspection


4 Common Roofing Problems and How to Fix Them

As a roofing company that’s been in the business for over 3 generations, providing homeowners of Oshawa with the best quality roofing services, we’ve seen our fair share of roofing issues. Actually, that’s all we ever see. Not to toot our own horn but, we’ve gotten pretty good at fixing them.

Over the years, we’ve realized that certain roofing issues are more common than others. Here are the 3 most common issues and how you can avoid them.

Bucking, Loose, Curling, Cracked or Missing Shingles
This is probably the most common issue that Oshawa homeowners face because it is entirely unavoidable and bound to happen over the years. It is simply caused by natural wear and tear after being exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. Once they become buckled, loose, curled, cracked, or missing altogether, it is essential to get them replaced right away avoid potential leaks. You can fix individual ones on your own, but be sure to get help from a professional roofing company in Oshawa once excessive damage inevitably occurs.

Ice damming
Ice damming is when ridges of ice form along the eaves of a house, trapping the melted snow onto the roof. When ice damming occurs, water than has been melted cannot escape and ends up rotting away the roof deck and usually leaks into the attack of the house, which can be pretty unpleasant to say the least. This issue is usually caused by insufficient ventilation so ensure that your roof has the proper systems in place to avoid this happening. If the damage due to ice damming is too great, your entire roof will need to be replaced.

Overflowing Gutters and Eavestroughs
Overflowing gutters are caused by debris clogging and blocking waterflow. This can also cause leaks within the home. To avoid this, homeowners must check and clean out their gutters and eavestroughs regularly to remove potentially clogging materials such as feathers, leaves, sticks, etc.

Deteriorated Soffits and Fascia
Soffits and Fascia are often overlooked elements when it comes to a roof. When these begin to breakdown and deteriorate due to the overflowing of gutters and other wear and tear, they must immediately be replaced. Inspect your soffits and fascia every spring and fall and get them replaced by a professional roofer when necessary.

If you notice any of these things happening on your roof, get your roof inspected and dealt with appropriately. Don’t wait for it to cause major issues that will end in high repair costs. Call Turnbull Roofing, your local Oshawa Roofing Company, today at 905-579-ROOF, 905-686-ROOF or visit our website for your roofing services needs.