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November 29, 2018


Roof Replacement


4 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

As with any part of your home, there comes a time when eventually things need to be replaced. With the roof being such a vital aspect to your house, it is important to know when the time for replacing it rolls around. That is why we’ve put together 4 signs you need a roof replacement.

Missing Shingles

Check your roof to see how many, if any, shingles are missing. If only a few shingles are missing, it often doesn’t mean a full roof replacement is necessary. However, if a good amount of them are gone and depending on where they were pulled from, it could cause severe damage to your roof. Any missing shingles can be taken as a warning sign because it might mean that the wind has pulled up others even if many are still in place. This can mean they may have let water in, which can cause damage to the wood below.


Especially if your house has a wooden frame, moisture can cause a significant amount of damage. When moisture builds up in a home, it can cause rot and structural damage that can compromise the integrity of a roof. To check for moisture build up, look in the attic for signs like mold and watermarks. If these warnings are present, it could mean it’s time for a roof replacement.

Roof Sag

If parts of your roof look to be sagging in, then this can mean there is significant structural damage that needs fixing. This can be due to inadequate bracing, spacing, or structural failure. Sagging is generally a sign that you need to immediately look into replacing your roof.


A roof accumulates small damages over time, and eventually every roof needs to be replaced. Think back to when your roof was installed and its estimated lifespan to see whether or not it’s coming time for a replacement. Also look for signs such as curling, brittle, or cracked shingles which can indicate aging.