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November 3, 2020




5 Benefits of Having a Skylight

A Skylight isn’t just a beautiful addition to your home that ups your market value and interior aesthetic. They are a home addition that come with plenty of benefits that you may not even know about.

If you are looking to install a skylight in your new roof or are considering removing one from your current roof, consider these benefits first:

Energy Efficient

Skylights allow for a great deal of light to be exposed in your house, which means reduced dependency on electricity during daylight hours. If you have a particularly dark space, adding a skylight is an easy way to bring in the light, lower electricity costs, and mitigate your impact on the environment.

Energy Booster

Natural light not only helps to light a space, it also helps to lighten your mood! With increased energy and a brighter spirit, you will experience enhanced creativity, learning ability, and a healthier mindset that is led by positivity and satisfaction.

Improved Vision

Your eyes tend to respond better to natural light. Reading and working in a room with natural light provided by a skylight is therefore healthier for your eyes and far more comfortable.

Reduced Heating Costs

Your home will be warmer in the winter with the help of a skylight’s ability to let in natural sunlight. This means less expensive electricity bills!

Maintains Privacy

Although side windows are beautiful and necessary for a comfortable space, a skylight is far more advantageous. With a skylight, you get the option to block off your side windows without sacrificing any of the natural light.

Still unsure if a skylight is right for your home? Get advice from expert roofers in the Durham Region. Call Turnbull Roofing today to talk about the options for skylights in your roof as well as information on installation: (905) 579-7663.