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June 22, 2021




5 Signs That You Need To Redo Your Roof

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It is exposed to the harshness of the outdoors in order to keep the essential elements of your home, like walls and ceilings, effectively protected. As a poorly-maintained or old roof can severely impact the integrity of your home, it is important to keep your roof in the best shape possible. It can be difficult to determine whether your roof is in need of maintenance or repairs, so here are 5 signs that can help you indicate whether it’s time to redo your roof:

1. A Lack Of Ventilation In Your Attic

While most modern day roofs are built to last, a lack of ventilation can accelerate the deterioration of your roof. For example, without proper ventilation the heat from the sun can warp your roof shingles, resulting in the breakdown of your roof.

2. Your Roof Is Surrounded By Trees

As beautiful as trees can be around your home, trees that are in close proximity to your roof can cause damage from branches scraping the shingles.

3. Missing Shingles

Notice some “bald” spots on your roof? Broken and missing shingles are signs that the integrity of your roof has been compromised and that you are likely in need of repairs.

4. Your Roof Is Leaking

Roof leaks can be a sign of a larger problem. While it can indicate that your roof is definitely in need of some upgrades, a leaking roof can also lead to mold, which can break down your roof faster and isn’t safe for the environment in your home.

5. The Slope Of Your Roof

Some roofs can deteriorate quicker than others based on the angle they are at. Flat roofs are likely to accumulate more water, snow, and other debris causing more damage to the roof if not properly maintained.

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your roof in the best possible shape in order to ensure the comfort and longevity of your home. If you notice any of these signs in your roof, a roofing expert can help you determine the best solution to redo your roof and get it back to its pristine state.

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