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February 22, 2022


Roof Inspection


5 Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

After a long, cold and snowy winter, your roof is likely in need of some care this upcoming spring. Harsh conditions all throughout the winter leave your roof working hard to bear the elements for weeks on end. A spring inspection is the perfect time to get your roof in its best condition for the upcoming seasons! Keep on reading for the best 5 spring maintenance tips for your roof.

  1. Inspect For Water Or Ice Dam Damage

It’s important to thoroughly inspect your roof area for any leaks as they can be detrimental to your roof’s underlayment and insulation. Leaks often happen after the winter due to the snow melting or destruction caused by ice dams. If you notice a leak within your roof, it is imperative that you contact a trusted roofing expert to inspect your roof’s condition.

  1. Inspect Your Soffit And Fascia

Soffits are panels located on the underside of roofs between the wall of the house and the roofline, and are typically made of wood or metal. Fascia’s are also made of either wood or metal and are boards that are placed along the roofline or behind the eavestrough of a roof. Both soffits and fascia’s are essential to your roof structure and must also be inspected in the springtime. Any holes or other damage that are found on these areas may require repair or replacement in order to ensure a healthy roof.

  1. Check For Flashing Damage

Flashing connects some of the most essential elements of your roof together, such as skylights, windows and where the slopes of your roof meet. Flashing can be subject to rust as well as its caulking experiencing cracking. If you notice either, the flashing must be repaired or replaced to prevent future water damage.

  1. Clean The Gutters

After winter, there will typically be a lot of debris clogging up your gutters. Right now is a great time to get it all cleared before springtime showers hit!

  1. Check Your Shingles

Any loose, damaged or curling shingles should be replaced in order to keep your roof in good shape. If your shingles are especially looking old and worn out, a roof replacement may be required depending on the condition of your roof and how old it is.

A spring roof maintenance inspection can help keep your roof in tip top shape and help avoid larger and more costly problems down the road. Turnbull Roofing and Renovations Ltd. is Oshawa’s trusted and professional Roofing expert. We can help you with roof inspections and roof replacements. For more information, contact us at 905-579-ROOF (Oshawa) or 905-686-ROOF (Ajax), or email us at info@turnbullroofing.com.