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January 25, 2022


Roof Inspection


5 Tips To Get Your Roof Winter Ready

Winter is here! While you might be getting your winter clothes ready or putting snow tires on your car, you also need to make sure your roof is ready for the winter. If you have doubts about whether your roof is winter ready or not, look no further. Here are 5 tips to make your roof is winter ready!

Inspect Attic Insulation

The first step to making sure your roof is winter ready is through proper inspection of your attic insulation. Proper attic insulation keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In the winter, attic insulation can decrease the demands of heating systems which saves you both time and money. If you are not sure if your attic is insulated correctly, you can contact a local roofing company to help you out.

Get Rid Of Dangerous Tree Branches

Although the trees on your property might look lovely, their pesky branches can cause many problems when blizzards hit your home. If too much snow and ice lands on the tree branches, it increases the likelihood that these branches will snap off and land on your roof causing damage to your house. By trimming your branches, you will save the cost of having to repair your roof.

Decide If You Need Snow Guards

Installing snow guards onto your roof is an excellent way to prevent damage to your property during snowstorms. Snow guards are devices that are attached to your roof to allow snow and ice to melt entirely. Snow guards are used to prevent roof avalanches which cause ice and snow to drift off your roof in one shot. Need more information on whether your roof needs snow guards? Click here to read 4 reasons why your roof needs snow guards in the winter.

Clean The Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is another way to ensure your roof is winter ready. By cleaning your gutters, you are allowing water to flow down after it has been melted from the snow or ice on your roof. Clearing the gutters doesn’t only prevent water from collecting, but it also ensures water does not seep into your home’s foundation. By clearing your gutter, you can prevent water damage to your home and keep your roof winter ready.

Have Your Roof Inspected By Experts

If you are following the tips listed above and still are not sure if your roof will be completely winter ready, you can get your roof inspected by a professional to stop your worries. After completing your own roof inspection, hiring roof specialists is a great way to recognize other signs of damage that you might not see.

By following these 5 tips as guidelines, you can ensure your roof is ready for the upcoming winter season. If you are looking for roof specialists to inspect your roof or attic insulation, you can get help from experts at Turnbull Roofing and Renovations Ltd. For more information, contact us at 905-579-ROOF (Oshawa) or 905-686-ROOF (Ajax), or email us at info@turnbullroofing.com.