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August 2, 2017


Roof Materials


All You Need to Know About Wood Shingles

Out of the various roofing materials, wooden shingles are a more rare option that adds a natural feel and rich character to your home. For those considering this shingle style or curious as to what it’s about, here are some important details to factor in before deciding whether wood shingles are right for your roof.

Advantages of Wood Shingles

Each roofing material comes with its own set of positive attributes. The benefits to wood shingles are:

  • Not vulnerable to rust, like metal roofs;
  • Next to asphalt, wood shingles are one of the lightest roofing materials. This minimizes the stress placed on your roof;
  • Can easily be cut away and replaced, should specific shingles sustain damage and repair be necessary;
  • Not as widely used, in comparison to other roofing options, like asphalt shingles. This allows wood shingles to stand out and offer a unique look;
  • And staining can be applied to offer an array of colour options.

Maintenance is Important

To optimize the aesthetics and lifespan of wooden shingles, proper maintenance is crucial. Taking care of your roof prevents moss, lichen, mold or fungi on the roof. It also helps the roof to breathe and evaporate any moisture that can cause your shingles to rot over time and stop the shingles from becoming discoloured or disfigured.

Doing your research and thoroughly discussing the details of a specific roofing material, with your roofing contractor, is extremely important. Here is some of the upkeep that comes with wood shingles:

  • Regularly clear off roof debris. This is especially important after rainstorms, as these events cause branches and leaves to collect on your roof and in your gutters;
  • Make sure to keep the attic space, directly below your roof, properly insulated;
  • And power wash the shingles every few years.