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November 24, 2017


Roof Repairs


Attic Insulation: Why You Should Leave Repair and Installation to the Pros

Is your attic insulation currently in need of repair or replacement? If you’re considering undertaking this project yourself, here are reasons to consider bringing in professionals!

It’s Not Worth the Risks

Risks to Your Home

Without a comprehensive understanding of attic insulation and executing repairs and installation, you could very well cause more harm than good. Poorly installed attic installation can increase the transfer of heat through the roof of your home, leading to higher energy costs on heating and cooling your home.

Also, insulation takes numerous forms and depending on the climate in which you live, the best insulation for your home can vary, It’s not just one size fits all!

Risks to You

Self-care is absolutely crucial when working with insulation. Certain forms of insulation, such as asbestos (mostly found in older homes) and fiberglass insulation can have strong adverse reactions if they come in contact with your skin or if we breathe in small particles in the air.

When working with insulation, it’s critical to ensure that any areas of the body that may potentially come in contact with the insulation are properly covered. For instance, protective eyewear prevents eye irritation and a mask, that covers your nose and mouth, is important to prevent the inhalation of insulation particles, gloves are also a necessity to avoid skin irritation.

Professional roofers not only have the equipment but the techniques and know-how to meet your insulation needs effectively and efficiently.

It’s Time Consuming

For someone unfamiliar with attic insulation, a significant amount of time should be dedicated to research, prior to beginning any work. Following this, the homeowner still must successfully assess the situation, remove old or damaged insulation and do a proper installation of new insulation, which is a huge time commitment–especially you’re taking this on individually.

It’s also important to note, incorrectly assessing the situation can result in a huge waste of your time and finances, only to require professional help for the issue afterwards. Having professional roofers address your roofing concerns, from the start, ensures your roof is being handled correctly and allows you to devote your time to your other areas of your life.