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March 14, 2019


Roof Inspection


Key Areas to Inspect to Avoid Roofing Disasters

The roof of your house is the first line of defense against the elements of nature such as high winds, heavy rain, sleet, and snow. Conducting a complete inspection inside and out each spring can help avoid costly roofing disasters later.

Consider these key danger signals that indicate your roof is not adequately protecting your home:

Water anywhere?

A home inspection should start with a check for leaks in the attic. This can occur and be most obvious after heavy, driving rains. Also, walk through each room of the house and inspect the walls and ceilings. Ceiling spots can be another warning sign that your roof needs repairs. Peeling of the interior or exterior paint or wallpaper, sometimes from excessive moisture or high humidity, can be a sign of possible inadequate attic ventilation and/or inadequate attic insulation. If more ventilation or attic insulation is needed, it can be relatively easy and inexpensive to install even if you don’t need a new roof.

Crack down on cracks

The most common leak sources on the outside include cracks in flashing around the chimney and vents, or worn-out, decayed, or missing shingles. Check your gutters for debris, including granules in the gutter. If you find an excessive number of granules, it may indicate aging shingles that should be replaced. While inspecting on top of the roof, check for any missing, cracked, or curled shingles. These should be replaced quickly to avoid structural damage to your roof deck and the interior of your home. If any shingles are blistered, decayed, or “dirty looking,” they need to be replaced too.

Poorly installed or constructed roofing systems waste Canadian homeowners millions of dollars every year. Fortunately, most risks can be avoided with a professional roofing system that’s correctly installed, maintained and/or repaired. If you find any of these potential problems and need repairs, the first and most important step to take is to find a qualified roofing contractor. Ask a Turnbull Roofing & Renovations Ltd, representative on how we can help roofing & renovations for your house – call us.

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