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March 15, 2017


Roof Maintenance


Can You Have Your Roof Pressure-Washed?

Do you have a buildup of moss or algae on your roof that you would like to wash away? First, keep in mind that any work on your roof is dangerous and should be done by professionals. Now, onto the main topic of this blog: “is power-washing the roof a good idea?”

Power washing an asphalt roof is not advisable. This treatment may remove undesired moss and algae but can subsequently cause significant damage to your roof.

The Roof Could Be Torn up If Not Done Correctly

The pressure of a power washer can tear off pieces of asphalt that were previously curled or cracked on the roof. This could leave patches of your roof exposed to mother nature.

Pressure Washing Strips the Granules from Asphalt Shingles

These granules are what protect your roof from sun, rain, hail or snow.  Causing damage to these granules could shorten your roof’s lifespan by years.

Can Compromise the Overall Integrity of the Roof and Lead to Leaking.

Nobody wants to deal with a leaky roof. Removal of the granules and any cracks or curling of the shingles can create new path ways for water to be absorbed into your roof – hence leaks!

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