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December 15, 2016


Factors Effecting Roof Lifespan


Can Your Roof Hold Santa’s Weight?

During the holidays, some neighbourhoods hold non-official competitions for the best decorations on the street. Some homes choose not to participate while others just put less effort in (i.e. a string or two of lights). However, every year, someone decks out his or her roof and lawn to the extreme.

While pretty and festive, decorations can be hazardous when improperly installed. So here are a few tips to keep your home safe this holiday season.

Always Clip Instead of Staple

Famously, Clark Grizwold stapled his Christmas decorations to the roof in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation—an example not to follow. Although a funny scene, you won’t be laughing afterward if you staple lights to your roof.

Using staples or nails to hang decorations creates water intrusion points, leading to leaks and other damages. Instead, use plastic or clay clips and attach them to the eaves.

Attach Your Rooftop Decorations

Large decorations on the roof like inflatable Santas or wooden sleighs pose two dangers: (1) the potential to blow off; (2) additional weight, especially amidst a heavy snow load.

If you do decide to throw decorations onto the roof, make sure that they are secured because falling objects are dangerous to passersby and can cause considerable damage to your home on their way down.

When installing such decorations, careful how you walk along your roof too. Especially in the winter, when the roof is slippery and more brittle, wearing heavy-duty boots and stomping around carelessly can have consequences.

Check the Electrical Integrity of Your Lights

Holiday lights can catch fire because of bad bulbs and frayed lines. Always check your decorations thoroughly before installing them. Likewise, make sure that your wires are grounded and not wrapped around things that will break under pressure or cut the wires in high wind situations.