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June 14, 2017


Roof Design


Change How You Experience Your Home with Skylights

Change the lighting in a room and you completely change its feel. Skylights enable you to enjoy natural light throughout your home and the many other benefits that this popular window style offers.

For those that are not familiar with skylights, here are some of the key benefits they have to offer your home.

Privacy: Skylights provide a source of natural light without compromising a room’s privacy. For example, skylights make a great addition to a bathroom because they allow for both natural light and privacy.


Energy-Efficiency: Skylights reduce the need for artificial lighting in a room. This means less energy to light your home. Not only is this financially beneficial but it is also a more environmental option.


Ventilation: Electric venting skylights help with air circulation in your home. This venting option draws warm air up through the venting skylight. This helps to cool the house and provide fresh air.


What Skylight Options Are Available to Me?

There are numerous skylight options available on the market. Different skylights provide different functional purposes or style. Here are three of the most popular skylight options commonly seen in homes.

Fixed: Fixed skylights are the most common form of skylight on the market. Fixed skylights are sealed to the roof and do not open for ventilation.


Vented: As mentioned above, ventilated skylights are a multipurpose product. Not only does it add light to a home but it also promotes air circulation and removes excess moistures in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.


Tubular: Tubular skylights are a great choice if your roof has limited space. This design directs natural light into a room to provide a diffused natural glow. There are a number of additional features such as:

  • Insulated glazing,
  • UV-blocking capabilities
  • Louvers,
  • And shades.