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July 23, 2018




Choosing the Best Colour for Your Home’s Siding

Colour is such a significant aspect of a home. It brings character and personality to your home and helps elicit a feeling from those who see it. When properly chosen, your home’s colour not only creates a visual you can be proud of but also increases your home’s value. It’s for these reasons that we’re exploring how to choose the best colour for your home’s vinyl.

Consider Colours That Complement the Rest of the Home

When choosing the colour of your vinyl, you must look at your home in entirety. The colour you choose has to complement the doors, windows, garage and other prominent exterior features, all of which may not be the same colour.

Factor in Climate

Climate is a point that often goes overlooked. It’s a significant factor in how your colours will look on the home. Increased sunlight amplifies bright colours and heats up dark colours.

Recognize the Surrounding Landscape

Depending on your houses location and the surrounding landscape, you may have increased liberty with your vinyl colour scheme. For example, a light blue can be a nice touch on a beachside property, despite looking ostentatious in a suburban neighbourhood. If your property is greener, with lots of trees, it’s worth exploring more earthly tones (e.g., shades of green or brown for instance).

Reflect on the Size of Your House

Darker colours are overpowering on bigger houses, as they make the home stand out. On the other hand, this can make them an ideal option on a smaller house. If you’re looking for consistency with the rest of the neighbourhood, opt for more neutral colours.

Your house carries immense value and its vinyl siding colour is not a decision to make hastily. If you’re unsure what the best colour is, consider asking your contractor. Reputable contractors will have experience in this and be able to recommend optimal choices, based on the above factors! Also, for further information on siding, check out our last blog: Is Vinyl Right for My Home?