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November 15, 2017




Combat Climate Change with Attic Insulation!

The negative effects of climate change, on our planet, are becoming increasingly prominent. Damage to our atmosphere and the environment is resulting in fluctuating weather patterns, rising ocean levels and habitat loss for numerous animal species.

To protect the planet we call home, it’s critical we all evaluate our role in climate change. So, for all the homeowners out there, are you aware that your attic insulation impacts how eco-friendly your home is?

How Does Attic Insulation Increase My Home’s Eco-Friendliness?

It’s important to recognize that power stations and central heating boilers, used to heat and cool our homes, require the burning of fossil fuels to function. This process releases carbon dioxide into our environment. So, the more we as homeowners need to heat or cool our homes, the more fossil fuel that is being burned.

Where Does My Attic Insulation Come Into Play?

A properly insulated attic means heat won’t escape through your attic in the winter and the summer heat won’t invade your home during the warmer months. By properly insulating your attic, you’re ensuring you maximize how much heat you’re retaining when it’s cold outside and minimizing how much heat enters your home when it’s hot out. This helps keep your home’s temperature at a consistent temperature all year-round.

Climate plays a large role in determining the best attic insulation for your home, so, if you’re purchasing a home or looking to optimize your current home’s efficiency, it’s important to know the best attic insulation for your climate. For more information on attic insulation, click here!