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July 26, 2017


Roof Design


Combining Roofing Materials to Create an Architectural Masterpiece

Your home’s exterior is the first thing a person will see. It sets the bar for their expectations of the home. Top-quality exterior finishing enables a home to stand apart from those surrounding it and can increase how much a potential buyer is willing to spend. A roof is a large part of your home and should be factored into the overall aesthetic appearance–to the same extent as the brick colour and landscaping.

Combine Roofing Materials Can Bring an Upscale Look

Combining roofing materials can effectively emphasize the more prominent, visible portions of the roof. High-quality, durable shingles can be installed in less visible areas to produce a superior finish for your roof. For instance, a good combination is metal roofing used on the lower roof–covering a porch or first floor–and asphalt roofing used on the upper roof. For roofs with a unique feature like a turret, metal or slate roofing could be used to emphasize that feature while using asphalt shingles on the remainder of the roof.

Colour Combinations

High-quality shingles last for decades and you don’t want to put up something that will go out of style. Neutral colours are great because they stay in style. More bold and daring colour selections can damage a house’s curb appeal or cause a potential buyer to lose interest.

Food for Thought

It’s important to remember that combining materials can make a roof project significantly more expensive and can raise new functional and aesthetic issues if not done correctly. Sticking with one material throughout has obvious benefits, such as:

  • Potential cost savings and predictable budgeting;
  • Equal longevity and consistent behaviour of material across the entire roof.


The most important part of any roofing project is being properly informed. Whether you decide to combine materials or just stick with one, make sure to understand what’s best for your situation!