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May 9, 2018


Roof Maintenance


Common Misconceptions with Roof Cleaning

When was the last time you thought of the cleanliness of your roof? Without being cleaned, those beautiful shingles you had installed can eventually become covered with dirt and grime, which not only impacts your roof’s looks but potentially it’s functionality as well. So, if your roof is in need of a cleaning, the following are common misconceptions to be aware of.

It’s a Good Idea to Clean Your Asphalt Roof with a Power Washer

Although a power washer may be an effective cleaning tool for a brick surface, it’s not a good option for your roof! Due to the strength of the spray, power washers can easily strip your asphalt granules, removing the protective layer. This makes it easier for your roof to sustain water damage (e.g. roof rot, mold developments and leaks) down the road.

Moss and Algae are Only Aesthetic Issues

If you have moss and algae accumulating on your roof, this is an issue as it eats away the limestone element found in most asphalt shingles. This makes the composition of the shingles more brittle and leads to premature degradation.

The Presence of Moss and Algae is Sign for a Roof Replacement

Just because your roof is developing moss does not mean that it needs replacing. As long as the matter is dealt with early on, professional roof cleaning is adequate to restore your roof to its original state.

Should you leave your moss situation unchecked, it can run rampant on your roof and begin to break down your shingles, causing irreparable damage. So make sure to address it at first notice!

DIY Roof Cleaning is a Good Idea

Not only is working on your roof dangerous but properly removing moss and algae requires special chemicals and tools. Without the correct knowledge and equipment, you can end up damaging your roof and yourself!