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October 11, 2017


Roof Components


Discover the Ways Your Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

In addition to sheltering us from the natural elements, roofs can bring value to a home in many other ways. Here are four areas where your roof can increase the value of your home.


Proper ventilation helps promote even temperature in your attic space. This is important as an overheated attic can cause the temperature throughout your home to rise, requiring more energy to keep your home at the desired temperature. By helping to regulate your house’s temperature, roof vents reduce the amount of energy used on air conditioning, which lowers your energy bill in the process.

Solar Panels

Although they can be a costly initial investment, solar panels cut-down energy costs, leading to long-term financial savings. How quickly you make back your initial investment is dependent on your home’s electricity consumption and the type and size of the solar panels you invest in.

To successfully install solar panels your roof needs to be strong enough to support the additional weight and you’ll also want to make sure your yard is free of any obstacles (i.e., trees) that could block your solar panels from the sun.

Loft Conversion

Another way a roof can add value to your home is by converting your roof and attic space into a loft. This creates more functional space in your home. Depending on your house’s structure your attic may easily be able to be remodelled into an additional living space.


Skylights are a great way to bring tons of natural light into your home and come with a number of functional benefits. Having skylights removes the need for artificial lighting in a room. This saves the homeowner from having to spend energy on artificial lighting for the room.

Skylights also provide natural lighting, without compromising a room’s privacy. Unlike eye-level windows that allow individuals to look into a house, skylights are out of reach of outdoor eyes. This feature makes them ideal for spaces requiring more privacy, such as bathrooms.