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April 5, 2017


Roof Design


Do You Have a Gable Roof?

Are you aware of all the different roof types out there—gambrel, mansard, butterfly, hip and others? There are so many roof options in construction, one of the most popular being the gable roof. There are numerous reasons why gable roofs are so popular, many of which we’ll discuss below.

What Is a Gable?

Before we discuss roofs, you may be wondering what a gable roof is. A gable is the top section of a wall that meets the ridge of a sloping roof with a triangular point. A gable roof has sides of equal pitch, extending from each side of the ridge, and a gable at each end.

Benefits to a Gable Roof

There are many benefits to using gable roofs.

  • Gable roofs have a steep pitch, which equips them with good drainage for rain and snow. Effective roof drainage is important as it stops water or snow from collecting on your roof, which can lead to issues such as ponding water or leaks. In locations where there are significant amounts of rain or snow, gable roofs can help extend the longevity of your roof.
  • The structure of gable roofs creates more space that can be put in a larger attic or vaulted ceiling.
  • Gable roofs can increase the amount of sunshine in a room. This minimizes your need to use electricity to light a room.


The steepness often seen in the pitch of gable roofs can make them less effective in areas with heavy winds or hurricanes. Without proper reinforcement, this style of roof can undergo serious damage under those weather conditions and even shorten the its overall lifespan. Whenever you are looking to have work done on your roof, go through a reputable contractor. This goes a long way to maintaining a quality roof.