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February 21, 2018


Cleaning Roof


Do You Have a Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof?

Spring is right around the corner and this is a great season for roof care. After a long, harsh winter you’ll want to ensure your roof is still in good working order. So, in preparation for the spring season, make sure you add the following to your spring cleaning checklist!

Clean Your Gutters

After winter, your gutters are likely filled with debris; this is especially probable if you have tree branches extending over your roof. Leaves and twigs can easily prevent water from properly flowing through your gutter system.

During the cleaning process, check for signs of wear and tear on your gutters. For instance, if they’re sagging or pulling away from the roof edge, it’s best to have a professional roofer perform repairs. Also, be on the lookout for rust developing on your gutters. This issue is a result of standing water in the gutter. The oxidized metal will continue to wear down until holes develop, further compromising the effectiveness of your gutters.

Examine Your Attic and Ceilings

It’s also important to examine your attic and ceilings for damage. Water stains in your attic or on the ceilings throughout your home are signs of a roof leak. Another sign to be aware of is the smell of mildew in your home. This is often a result of mold buildup, which is also caused by water damage on surfaces in your home.

Inspect Your Roof for Damaged Shingles and Flashing

Now that any snow and ice from winter has melted away, you’ll be able to see if your roof has suffered any damage. Look for gaps in shingles or any that seem to be coming loose or peeling up. Shingles such as these could easily become dislodged in heavy winds and won’t provide adequate protection from the elements. Similarly, look to see that all flashing is properly sealed in place, as it acts as a barrier preventing water from entering your home.