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August 8, 2018




Does My Porch Need a New Roof?

Porch roofs won’t necessarily deteriorate at the same speed as your home’s main roof; however, wear-and-tear will eventually occur. Much like with the roof covering the rest of your home, regular maintenance and eventually a roof replacement is essential to maintaining the health of your home.

If the roof over your porch consists of the same materials as the main roof, signs of aging will be the same. As the homeowner, be alert for:

Curling or cracked shingles, bald or worn spots, off-colour spots, and algae growth: These issues arise from harsh weather conditions, poor installation or the use of low-quality materials.

Even the placement of your home, relative to its surroundings, impacts your roof’s health. For instance, roofs positioned in shaded areas are in a better environment for mold, moss, algae and rust development.

Structural Damage: Another clear sign to look for with porch roofs is any structural damage. This refers to any sagging, bowing, buckling or leaking, especially on the joint connecting the porch roof to the rest of the house.

Tips for Catching Poor Roof Damage Early

Like with any roofing issue, a regular examination is key. This tends to be easier with porch roofs, as they are often lower to the ground than the main roof.

Take a picture of the roof once or twice a year. These photos serve as a frame of reference and allow you to compare the most current picture with past shots, to identify roof deterioration.

If you’re looking to have roof work done over your porch, or any part of your roof, here at Turnbull Roofing, our team has the skills to handle the job! We love partnering with our clients to them achieve their vision for the roof. Whether it’s an entire roof replacement or just roof repair, we would love to hear from you!