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August 15, 2018


Roof Design


Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a New Roof

A roof replacement is a big undertaking and being properly informed helps you prepare as best as possible. Below, we will examine some of the most frequently asked questions when getting a new roof!

How Should I Prepare for the Roof Installation?

As the homeowner, there are a number of things that you can do to make a roof installation as easy for you and the roofing contractor as possible, here are a couple:

  • Remove loose items from walls: Constant hammering on the roof causes vibrations substantial enough to cause these items to fall and potentially break.
  • Keep Your driveway and area surrounding your home as clear as possible: This prevents falling debris from damaging any part of your property. A clear space also gives a contractor space to store materials for your new roof and place the dumpster. Taking the time to move any decorative pieces and outdoor furniture on your front lawn, not only means more accessible space for the roofers but prevents any objects from being broken as well.

Will the Roofing Team Cleanup After the Project?

Absolutely! At Turnbull, we believe that a successful roof installation encompasses more than just the roof. We want to ensure each customer is properly cared for throughout the entire process, this includes explaining the installation process to cleaning up after the job has been completed.

Do I Have Choice Regarding Roof Materials and Colour Scheme?

It’s our job as a roofing contractor to partner with you, the homeowner, to bring your dream to fruition. Based on our extensive roofing experience, we will provide advice and guidance for your roofing needs; however, you will definitely have a say in the roofing materials chosen as well as roof colour.

How Long Does a New Roof Installation Take?

There are numerous factors that impact this question; however, a roof installation can take as little as one to three days. This time frame can increase with poor weather or more difficult jobs. For instance, a standard 1000 square foot roof, would be much shorter than a 2000 square foot, two-story roof, with a high pitch.

Can I Perform a Roofing Project Myself?

Most roofing work, other than basic maintenance and inspections, should be performed by professional roofers. Something as large as a roof replacement should definitely be done by professionals. Most manufacturers won’t provide a roof warranty to a roof that wasn’t installed by licensed professionals. Also, professional roofers have the necessary training and equipment to safely work on a roof.