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February 5, 2020


Roof Inspection


How Often Should Your Roof Be Inspected?

One of the most difficult questions for homeowners to answer is “how often should I get my roof inspected”. We understand the confusion here, as there’s no real formula to getting your roof appropriately checked for safety. As a professional roofing company in Durham, we’ve compiled a couple of helpful tips for homeowners to know when they should be getting their roof inspected.

It’s Been A While
Do you not remember the last time that you got a roof inspection? That’s a sure sign that you’re due for one. Leaving your roof uninspected for too long, and certainly long enough to not remember, leaves you vulnerable to roof hazards or damages.

You Skipped Your Last Inspection
If you’re on an inspection schedule (which we highly recommend for Durham homeowners), you should stick to it! It’s been recommended for a reason! If you’ve skipped your last inspection appointment for one reason or another, it’s definitely time for an inspection!

Something Is Noticeably Wrong
Have you been noticing water damage in your roof? Have you seen a couple of shingles missing? Apparent damage to your roof means that it needs immediate attention. Schedule an inspection immediately to find out the severity of the damage and to figure out the appropriate next steps.

There are many factors that influence when you should get your roof inspected. As long as you watch for the signs and be attentive to your roof’s condition though, you should be able to get the timing just right every time.

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