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April 7, 2021


Roof Inspection


How To Inspect Your Roof This Spring

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to check your roof for damages it may have incurred over the long winter season. This is absolutely essential to ensure the health of your roof along with its longevity. Here is a simple inspection checklist you can follow to inspect your roof this spring:

Initial “Walk-around” Inspection

Survey your roof from the ground to see if there are any obvious damages. If you have binoculars, you can use them to get a close-up view of your home. As professional roofers, for safety reasons, we do not recommend you climb onto your roof. If you feel as though you need a more comprehensive check after your walk-around analysis, call a professional roofer to help you.

Check Underside and Flashing

The underside of your roof is just as important as the top! Check the underside of your roof for signs of water stains and leaks. If moisture is apparent anywhere on your roof, you’ll want to get that checked out immediately. You should also pay special attention to the flashing as they can often come out of the winter season very damaged.

Check Nearby Trees and Plants

Nearby trees, shrubs, and/or climbing plants should be trimmed every spring in order to avoid damage to the roof. Moving branches can cause dislodged tiles, clogged gutters, the growth of moss, fungus, or lichen, and so much more.

Check The Gutters

Leaf build-up in gutters is the most common post-winter problem when it comes to roofs. Leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris are likely to be gathered in your gutters and water sprouts, so be sure to clear that out before it leads to problems such as rot, mildew, or structural damage.

If you feel as though your roof requires more attention than this simple inspection, professional roofing companies are here to help you. Turnbull Roofing is ready to help you with all your roofing needs. Our professionals can help you identify and prevent any problems that you may not notice. Call us today for an expert formal inspection: 905.579.7663.