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November 21, 2019


Roof Maintenance


How To Prevent Roof Condensation

The season of condensation, due to changes in the weather, is upon us. Although some people may love the colder weather paired with the bright sunshine, this can be damaging to your roof. It’s important to prevent condensation in your roof while the seasons are changing.

When too much condensation collects in your roof, it can lead to damages that are costly to repair. Ceilings, walls, and even floors can be damaged from condensation buildup in the roof and attic spaces so it is always a good idea to prevent the issue, rather than regret it and repair it in the future.

Short terms solutions for condensation include the following:
– Invest in a dehumidifier
– Ensure that your dryer is properly ventilated as they tend to be a common cause for humidity and moisture
– Keep your fan on when showering or bathing to allow the air to vent out of the room

Long terms solutions for condensation simply include hiring a roofing contractor or roofing company to install insulation to your attic. Proper insulation and ventilation will prevent condensation development as it will act as a vapor-barrier and ensure proper airflow.

If you have a problem with condensation in your home, contact a professional to help you deal with the issue. Don’t let your condensation issue grow into something unmanageable and costly to repair. If you need professional roofing services or attic insulation in Oshawa, call Turnbull Roofing, your local Oshawa Roofing Company, today at 905.579.7663.