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November 17, 2020


Roof Maintenance


How to Remove Snow from Your Roof the Safe Way

Snow season is soon to be upon us, which is why you need to start getting prepared. Learn how to get snow, a potentially extremely damaging substance to your roof and home, off your roof in a safe and efficient manner so that you don’t risk structural damage to your home.

Here’s how you do it:

Know That Snow Is Dangerous

It may look soft and gentle, but snow can be extremely dangerous, especially in extremely cold and icy conditions. Wet snow weighs up to 6 times as much as dry snow, can cause slips and falls, and can even be hard to see in. Don’t let the substance fool you: always go into snowy conditions prepared with warm and water-resistant clothing, boots with grip, and sunglasses.

Know What Snow Can Cause

Snow can be a serious hazard to your roof. It can cause ice dams, water pooling, shingle damage, and water damage to the structure of your home due to temperature changes (melting and refreezing snow). This is why it is imperative to remove snow from your roof in order to avoid costly damages to your roof.

How to Do It

The best way to remove snow from your roof is to use what is called a “roof rake”. Similar to roulette table rake that you find in casinos, this device is simply a large rake with a long, extendable handle. To use it, simply stand on solid ground and reach up with the rake and remove snow one strip at a time.

TIP: be sure to stand a safe distance away from the falling snow. As mentioned, wet snow is extremely heavy and can seriously hurt you. Also be sure to not pull too hard or dig too deeply with the rake so that you do not damage any shingles.

However, it is important to be aware that roof rakes may not work for your type of roof. If your roof has multiple stories or is flat, you may have to get up there the old-fashioned way and shovel snow off using a conventional plastic snow shovel. Call a professional roofing company that handles roof maintenance jobs if you feel unsafe doing this. If you plan to do this yourself, be sure to follow safety protocols:

  • Have a partner there with you in case of an emergency
  • Be sure your ladder is securely planted and free from snow or ice
  • Use a safety harness and anchor

Whether you choose to DIY your snow removal or go with a professional, just be sure to clear that snow from your roof so that it is always in tip-top shape. Professional roofers can help you do this! Call Turnbull Roofers, professional roofers in Durham, for all of your roof maintenance needs: (905) 579-7663.