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February 7, 2018




How to Spot a Poor Roofing Job

Whether you’re looking at purchasing a home, examining the work quality of a roofing contractor performing repairs or trying to determine the current condition of your roof, it’s important for homeowners to be able to differentiate a quality roof job from a poor one. Here’s how to spot a poor quality roofing job!

Hardware Errors

A properly functioning roof runs much deeper than the shingles covering it. Other roof components, such as the gutters and flashing, are essential to a healthy roof and if incorrectly installed this can spell major issues down the road.


Gutters are designed to direct water away from your home’s base. When connected inadequately, the basement or house’s foundation is susceptible to water damage.


Flashing is utilized where two sides meet on your roof. For instance, if you have a chimney, skylights or a section of your roof meets brick, flashing ensures your roof stays watertight!

No Underlayment

The underlayment is a waterproof layer of paper-like material that sits between the shingles and underside of the roof. Without a proper underlayment, the wooden roof structure beneath the shingles becomes vulnerable to water damage. A missing underlayment leads to issues like roof rot, roof leaks and shortens the lifespan of your roof in the process.

Lack of Uniformity

Another issue to be aware of is certain sections of your roof wearing down faster than the others. In normal circumstances, your roof will wear down evenly.

If you notice uneven wear and tear, keep an eye out for mismatched shingles. Shingles that are the wrong colour or size are a sign of poor craftsmanship and can negatively impact your roof’s performance.

A poor roofing job means money wasted and an end product that leaves your roof insufficiently protected. Knowing how to spot a poorly constructed roof, equips you with the knowledge to know what to look for in a new home and know when a contractor’s work isn’t up to standard.