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March 29, 2017


Factors Effecting Roof Lifespan


How Your Roof’s Pitch Affect’s Its Performance and Durability

Roof pitch refers to the steepness of the roof. If you are looking to purchase a house, you should definitely consider this factor. For those who are already homeowners, are you aware of your roof’s pitch? This could impact how long your roof lasts and the kind of problems that arise in your future.

So How Does the Pitch of My Roof Affect Its Function?

Steeper roofs make it easier for any debris–snow, branches, rain water–to pass off the roof. The flatter the roof, the less conducive it becomes for debris sliding off.  So, if debris cannot leave your roof, where does it collect? Right on top! Flat roofs can amass heaps of snow, ice or rain water, placing significant weight on it. If too much weight is placed on the roof, its integrity can be compromised, leading to a cave in.

Does the Pitch of Your Roof Impact Repairs?

We’ve already covered how roof pitch impacts the durability of a roof, which correlates to how often repairs need to be done. But we’ve yet to discuss how roof pitch impacts the cost of said repairs.

Being that roofs–generally speaking–are high off the ground, any work on them should always be done with extreme caution and by professionals. Now, are you aware of how roof pitch impacts the difficulty of those repairs? This can factor into the cost to have work done. Steeper sloped roofs require additional safety precautions and can take longer to have work completed. This is something to consider when purchasing a house.

Most modern houses in Ontario are designed to handle the weather conditions that Canada can throw at us. Nonetheless, proper maintenance is still crucial to optimizing the lifespan of your roof.