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December 30, 2021


Roof Design


Installing Skylights In Your Home: Everything You Need To Know

Skylights are becoming a popular trend within homes. They add a touch of serenity to your home or office, infinitely brightening the room. It can be quite overwhelming to pick from a wide variety of choices and as well as understanding how to install them. Turnbull Roofing is here to inform you about these magnificent portals to nature! Keep reading to learn about the benefits, types and installation methods for a skylight.

Benefits of Skylights

Energy-Efficiency: Since a skylight is placed directly under the sunlight, it absorbs more sun than other types of windows. This is especially useful during winter times as skylights are much more likely to let in heat. It is also great for plant and pet owners as they get the best possible energy source right from their favourite spots.

Brighter Rooms: One of the issues facing many homes is the lack of lightning, so many of us often end up using artificial lights at every corner, causing harm to our eyes. Having a skylight clears this problem as the direct sunlight covers the entire room, immediately brightening your mood!

Decorative: Nothing makes a room more charming than a well-placed skylight! Choosing the right skylight to match with the interior and exterior of your home can be the excellent finishing touch you are longing for.

Privacy & Security: Last but not least, skylights are a great way to bring in light into your room while still being hidden from the world!

The Best Types of Skylights

 Fixed Skylights: By far the most popular choice. A fixed skylight is insulated tightly in place and does not open. Their main functionality is providing a source of light in more tighter places such as stairwells, children’s rooms or attics.

Vented Skylights: Having the features of a fixed skylight, this one also has the functionality of opening, whether by a remote or manually. Vented skylights are great for living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms to constantly allow the exchange of air, keeping the room full of breeze and sunlight.

Pyramid Skylights: Designed to be placed on top of a flat roof, these unique looking skylights are most suitable for commercial offices and apartment roofs as they provide the most amount of sunlight in a flat room.

Domed Skylights: Decorative and elegant, these skylights are usually made with flexible plastic structuring to support the glass. They are perfect for large halls or commercial areas to prioritize maximum sunlight.

Tubular Skylights: The most budget friendly option. These rounded tube shaped lights are designed to be fitted into places that are tiny or difficult for sunlight to get to.


Location: When installing a skylight, do consider the size and placement of the room first and foremost. Since the benefit of a skylight is adding natural light, it makes sense to install it in the room with the biggest possible space. Larger rooms that face the sun during peak sunlight hours are best in this scenario.

Opening: When cutting open the roof, start from the inside by removing any drywall material, and then moving on to the exterior. Carefully remove the roof shingles and expose the roofing to be removed.

Insulation: When placing the skylight, a proper insulation is vital. Uninsulated holes can draw in air pressure from the outside. Sealing the skylight tight makes sure that the skylight operates without any issues, giving warmth and sunshine.

Choosing the glass: Issues with UV lights, condensation and precipitation can occur after installing the skylight. Tempered glass on top of a laminated glass clears most of these issues, blocking sunlight and sound.

Contact your trusted local roof contractor for tackling and installing new skylights in your home.

Skylights are a welcome addition to any home or office. After all, natural sunlight offers an abundance of benefits. They can be installed almost anywhere in any form or shape, all you have to do is choose which one fits your needs the best.

Our experienced team at Turnbull Roofing can assist you with your skylight related needs. For more information regarding the installation and maintenance of skylights, contact Turnbull Roofing at info@turnbullroofing.com or call (905)-579-ROOF.