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May 16, 2018


Roof Repairs


Is Your Roof Leaking? Here Are the Most Common Reasons!

A leaking roof is a problem that can lead to serious issues both inside and outside your home. Leaks can start and perpetuate issues such as structural deterioration, insulation mold damage, poor air quality (from mold development) and even fire and shock hazards. This article will address the most leak-prone areas on your roof.


Flashing is a thin sheet of metal (e.g. aluminum, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc.) that is used to connect transitional areas on roofs. For example, flashing is used to seal intersecting walls, pipes, ducts skylights and much more. Flashing that has become corroded or damaged can cause roof leaks


It’s important to remember that your shingles won’t last forever! And as this protective roofing layer ages, its effectiveness at protecting your home from water damage continues to diminish.

If your shingles are corroded, cracked, or harsh weather has torn certain pieces completely off, your roof is definitely vulnerable to water damage. To rectify these issues and restore your roof to optimal effectiveness, roof repairs or even a total replacement may be in order. Check out our other article here, to gain important info on choosing between a roof repair and total roof replacement!


If your roof has a chimney, this is another area of susceptibility for leaks. A leaking chimney can be caused by a cracked chimney cover, leaks from cracked or damaged mortar and also from damaged flashing on the roof around your chimney.


Wall leaks are separate issues from a leaking roof; however, your roof can often appear to be the cause of the issue. A leaking roof can result in water damage on both the exterior and interior of your walls.

To identify wall leaks, examine windows, corner boards and siding for cracks or holes. These small flaws can be the perfect gateway to allowing water to infiltrate your home.