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October 18, 2017




Is Your Roof Ready for Halloween?

With Halloween almost upon us, is your home properly outfitted for the occasion? Carved pumpkins watching over your house from the porch and spooky decorations lining the front lawn and hanging from the roof are great ways to show your Halloween spirit and create a Halloween display not to be forgotten.

But, before you pull out your ladder and start hanging Halloween decorations, it’s important to make sure that both you and your roof are properly prepared for a roofing project. Unlike other areas of your property, homeowner’s must take extra care when decorating the roof, to avoid injuring themselves or damaging the roof.

Ensure Your Roof is Secure

If you plan on having Halloween props sitting or hanging from your roof or if you intend to be on the roof yourself, to install decorations, it’s crucial that you first ensure your roof is in good condition and is capable of handling the additional weight that you and any other decorations may place on it.

Have the Appropriate Safety Precautions in Mind

Perform Roof Work in Ideal Weather

When choosing the right time to hang your Halloween decorations, remember to factor in the weather. For instance, performing roof-related work during rain, snow or excessive winds is definitely a bad idea and should be postponed until weather conditions improve.

Make Sure You Have Proper Footwear

The last thing you want to do, while performing roof-work, is lose your footing. Wearing shoes with a soft rubber sole provides extra traction and prevents your feet from losing footing.

Mark Your Work Area

Prior to beginning roof work, mark your roof area. This is a great way to keep those below from walking under your work-zone and potentially being injured by a falling tool or piece of debris.


Remember, safety should always be your first priority with roof projects. So, keep these tips in mind and have a happy Halloween!