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November 1, 2018


Roof Inspection


Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

With October behind us and the winter weather quickly approaching, it is important to make sure your roof can handle the snowfall that isn’t too far ahead. Snow can be quite tough on a roof, and if yours isn’t ready to take on winter, then you may be looking at potential damage and costly repairs throughout the colder months. Here are some easy ways in which you can check to see if you have a winter-ready roof.

Inspect your Roof

The first and most important step in ensuring you have a winter-ready roof is to give it an inspection. You should look for any signs of damage or potential weak spots, such as rot or mold. Once the snow starts to fall and the weather gets cold, these issues will make your roof susceptible to even more damages from the stresses of winter. Finding these issues now and getting them dealt with before the snow starts to pile on your roof will save your home from a lot of damage throughout the winter.

Remove Branches Hanging Over your Roof

Once winter hits and the snow starts to fall, it will quickly begin to accumulate on trees and their overhanging branches. The snow can become so heavy that the tree branches may break and come crashing down onto your roof, causing potential damage. To ensure this doesn’t happen, inspect the trees surrounding your home and make sure that there are no branches hanging over onto your roof. If there are, be sure to trim them down so that they can’t fall onto your roof.

Clean Your Eavestrough

All the leaves that fall during the autumn season can cause a huge build up in your eavestrough system. The collection of leaves and debris creates extra weight, and once the snow is added on top of that it can become too heavy to support and result in costly repairs. Give your eavestrough system an inspection before the snow starts to fall to ensure that leaves aren’t building up and the system is ready to withstand the winter weather.