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September 20, 2017




Prepare Your Home for a Roof Replacement

When it comes to having your roof replaced, the old roofing must be removed first, prior to having the new shingles installed on your roof. Taking the time to properly prepare for roof repairs, is a great way to prevent any damages from occurring in and around your home, throughout this process.

Inside Your Home

If you have belongings that you deem important hanging from your walls (chandeliers, pictures or expensive China), taking them down for the duration of your roofing project is a good proactive measure to take. All the work taking place on your roof can cause tremors capable of damaging valuables.

Outside Your Home

Move Objects at Risk of Being Damaged

Moving outdoor patio furniture, potted plants, your barbeque or any lawn ornaments is recommended. This is a good safety precaution to stop anything from potentially being damaged by falling debris.

If you have items that you don’t want to get dust all over, consider covering them with a tarp while repairs are being completed.

It’s also important to take down any objects on your roof. TV antennas, satellite dishes and solar panels can impede a roofing team’s ability to remove the old roof and lay down a new one. Also, having these things on the roof can leave them vulnerable to damage.

Be Vigilant of Kids and Pets

During the time period that your roof is being replaced, your house is a construction site. This means it isn’t safe for your children or even dog to be playing in the front or backyard, as they could be hit with falling debris or step on something dangerous–like a nail.

Cut Your Grass Prior to the Project

With all the debris that will be falling from your roof onto your property, having a low-cut lawn makes it easier for the roofing team to spot any shingles, nails and other roofing materials that may have fallen into your lawn during the renovations.