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July 3, 2018


Roof Repairs


Receive the Joys of a New Roof with Minimal Stress

A new roof installation improves the functionality, visual appearance and safety of a house; however, the road to achieving this isn’t always so smooth. Roof replacements can be stressful and a hassle for the homeowner for a number of reasons. Use the following advice to realize your dream roof, without the stress that can accompany it!

Be Proactive and Save Ahead of Time

Roof replacements are not cheap and many homeowners find the cost can be a massive financial blow. Lifestyle changes may be necessary to increase the amount of money being saved towards the project. And in some instances, homeowners must take out a loan to foot the bill. Being proactive with saving helps alleviate the financial burden. Yearly roof inspections help you anticipate when a roof replacement will be needed and gives you a head start on putting money away for it.

Keep the Future in Mind

When preparing for a roof replacement, perspective is essential. Don’t pursue a solution that works now, only to require additional repairs in a year. A proper roof replacement, with high-quality asphalt shingles, should give you a result that will last approximately 25 years.

Although this will require a larger initial investment, than attempting to operate with minimal repairs, the finished product will be a more reliable, better-functioning roof that also raises your property value–should you choose to sell your home.

Prepare Your Home for the Roof Work

As stressful as finances and guaranteeing a superb end result are, the roof replacement process itself is stress-inducing. Your home’s exterior landscaping can be damaged and dangerous objects (e.g. nails, shingle components, gutter pieces, etc.) make the surrounding area dangerous for children and pets.

Covering outdoor furniture and relocating objects that can get broken, helps to reduce minor accidents during the roofing project. As for kids and pets, make sure to keep them clear of the construction site to avoid potential injuries.