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July 12, 2017


Roof Design


Reflect Your Personality through Your Roof’s Shingles

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the exterior of your home projects an ambiance to those that see it. Every detail plays into this feeling people get when they see your home. From the front landscaping to the colour of the shutters, windows sills and roof, is your desired look achieved? Yes, that’s right, when it comes to a home’s aesthetic presence, a roof is still of upmost importance. So, keep these points in mind when trying to find the right roofing design for your home.

What Roofing Design Is Best for My Home?

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of both solid and patterned colours to complement your brick or siding colour. Prior to deciding on a colour, here are some stylistic and functional concerns to consider:

  • Climate: Depending on your climate, your roof’s colour could impact your home’s ability to retain and lose heat. For example, darker coloured shingles tend to retain more heat, this can lead to a higher attic temperature and more energy being used to cool your home. Also, over time, greater heat absorption can speed up the wear and tear process of your roof. In this scenario, these details would probably push you to choose a lighter coloured shingle.
  • It’s All an Illusion: The right colour patterns can be used to promote positive aspects of the house or hide small defects. Another good tip to keep in mind, darker colours tend to make the house look smaller while lighter colours give it a grander appearance.
  • When in Doubt Consult the Experts: Consulting with roofing professionals is always a good idea when trying to determine the right design for your home. Here at Turnbull Roofing, we’d love to help you realize your roofing dream! For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us.