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August 27, 2018


Roof Repairs


Roof Repair: Why They Should Be Done Before Winter

Of all the seasons, winter is the harshest on your roof. Low temperatures, strong winds, snow and ice are formidable opponents against a roof’s health. If your roof is heading into winter 2018 in poor condition,  it will likely welcome spring in terrible shape. The following are key areas to inspect, heading into winter, to ensure your roof is ready for a winter wonderland!


These strips of metal work wonders to keep your roof safe from leaks. Flashing that is loose or missing provides an entryway for water to penetrate your roof’s protective layer. An extended length of time unfixed leads to issues such as roof rot and can cause damage to the ceilings in your home.


Much like with the flashing, curled or cracked shingles mean a weak defense against water. Furthermore, damaged shingles are more likely to be uprooted or completely torn off by strong winds and ice and snow.

If your roof is only dealing with a few damaged shingles, roof repair is a viable option; however, if a large portion of your shingles is in subpar conditions, a roof repair should be considered prior to winter.


Making sure your gutter system is properly secured to the house is essential as snow and ice place extra weight on the gutters. Should gutters begin to tear away from the house, damage will be done to your home’s exterior walls, as well as the foundation of the house.

At Turnbull Roofing, we provide people with roofs that stand through any reasonable test.