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January 2, 2019




Roofing Goals for the New Year

With 2018 come and gone, 2019 offers a new year to make sure your roof stays in top shape. Maintaining the integrity of a roof is a yearlong process, and with the right goals can be done without stress. That’s why we’ve put together three roofing goals to follow to avoid any problems in 2019!

Make Regular Inspections a Priority

Regular roof inspections ensure your roof stays in good shape year round and remains problem free. However, it’s easy to forget when you last did an inspection and let them slip down your priority list. That’s why creating a maintenance schedule for the New Year is important to keep everything under control and regularly checked. Try creating a monthly checklist of areas of the roof, and once you’ve done the inspection the areas can be crossed off the list. No parts will be forgotten, and this will ensure that maintenance is checked off the list of your roofing goals for 2019!

Take Extra Care this Winter

As we enter the New Year, we also enter the thick of the winter season. Along with winter comes the threat of snow damaging your roof. While roofs can withstand weight, having tons of snow pile on top of them for months can lead to stress. Along with the weight, snow can clog your eavestrough similar to rain. Thus, it’s important to reduce snow build up on your roof and check on your eavestrough. You can remove snow using a roof rake to ensure the roof isn’t under too much stress. Also, look to make sure your eavestrough system isn’t clogged from the snow and that it’s free from debris. Taking these precautions this winter is important for the integrity of your roof and worth making one of your roofing goals for 2019.

Be Proactive

In the New Year, make it a goal to be proactive with your roof. If you see problems, no matter how small they may seem, don’t allow them to get worse over time. Stay on top of the state of your roof, and when problems arise, don’t procrastinate on getting them fixed. This will save you money and headaches in the New Year.