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December 20, 2017




Roofing Trends to Be Aware of Moving into 2018

As we near the end of December, the light at the end of the tunnel–signaling the commencement of 2018–is becoming brighter and brighter. So, in preparation for the upcoming year, here are some of the top roofing trends to be aware of in 2018!

Take Advantage of the Sun with Solar Panels

Not only do rooftop solar panels come with cost-benefits in the long-run, it also reduces the size of your household’s carbon footprint. If the initial financial investment is preventing you from exploring this option, solar panels can be leased, as an alternative to purchasing. For additional information regarding solar panels for roofs, check out our blog: What to Know Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels.

Consider Lighter Roof Colours

Gone are the days where your roof has to be black or brown. In recent years, lighter colours have begun to emerge as a more common roofing choice. Not only can lighter shingles be great for your home’s aesthetics but they can also last even longer than darker shingles.

For additional information on choosing the best shingles for your roof click here!

Bring Gardening to Your Roof

With flat roofs growing in popularity, so has the idea of using your roof space for a garden. Green roofs can now be seen in both residential and commercial buildings and will likely continue to become more prominent in the new years, which is very positive as they can bring the following benefits:

  • Reducing stormwater runoff;
  • Increasing energy efficiency;
  • And improving air quality, just to name a few.

At Turnbull Roofing, our team of professionals would love to partner with you to bring your roofing dreams to fruition. If you have a roofing project you’re looking to undertake in the New Year, we’d love to hear from you! For more insightful roofing knowledge check out our other blogs!