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May 18, 2021


Roof Replacement


Should You Install a Darker or Lighter Roof

Are you torn between choosing a darker or a lighter colour for your new roof install? There are a number of factors that you should consider before settling on a roof colour. Here are the main differences between lighter and darker roof colours that you should know before making your decision.


This design principle purely affects the aesthetics of your home. Generally, a dark roof looks great in contrast to a lighter coloured siding, trim, or bricks, while the opposite is true of lighter roof colours.


A monochromatic aesthetic is striking yet timeless. You can always depend on it to look great. Similar to contrast, this decision will mainly affect your home’s appearance, and will depend on your aesthetic preferences.


Certain colours will look better against certain backdrops and surroundings. You may also want to consider the colour of your neighbours’ roofs to maintain a consistent appearance. Choose a colour that is authentic to your style, but also looks great with your surroundings.


Some may say that the colour of your roof will impact the temperature within your home, but this is not necessarily true. The temperature of your home is determined by whether or not your home is properly insulated. If your home is properly insulated, its internal temperature will remain where you set it, regardless of whether you choose a light or dark coloured roof.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the colour of your roof all comes down to your personal style and preference. The roof colour that you enjoy looking at, which compliments your exterior, and is within your budget is exactly the roof colour you should go with.

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