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June 6, 2019


Roof Inspection


Spring Roof Inspection Checklist

Spring is finally here which means it is time for homeowners to do their annual roof maintenance and inspection. It is important for all homeowners to perform roof maintenance and inspections in order to protect your roof and identify issues that may be starting to develop. Here is a checklist of everything you should be looking for and doing during your spring roof maintenance and inspection, courtesy of Turnbull Roofing, your local Oshawa roofing company.

Inspect Your Roof

Examine your roof properly to identify potential problems that may not be visible from the usual lower vantage point. Look for evidence of water damage including:

  • Sagging areas
  • Stains on your ceiling
  • Dampened or wet spots on the walls
  • Growth of mold or mildew

Also look out for:

  • Corroded or rusted flashing
  • Damaged or loose roof shingles
  • Broken sealing
  • Piled leaves on shingles that can trap water or moisture. Remove this to avoid growth of mold, algae, and fungus

Tip: while you’re checking for these things on your roof, be sure to trim any branches that are close to the roof in order to reduce chance of a loose tree limb crashing onto your roof and deter pests from using it to get onto your roof.

Clean Your Eavestroughs

  • Inspect and clean eavestroughs thoroughly. Remove accumulated twigs, leaves, dirt, and debris.
  • Rinse gutters by directing water pressure towards the downspouts. This will ensure proper water flow.
  • Make sure eavestroughs are fastened safely.
  • Look for any dangerous loose nails.

Inspect Your Chimney

  • Check caps for moisture. Too much moisture can cause damage to liners, mortar joints, and dampers.
  • Check chimney for pests (rats, squirrels, mice, etc.) or signs of possible pest inhabitation.
  • Remove leave and twigs to prevent fire hazards.

Turnbull Roofing is a trusted Oshawa roofing company that is able to preform roof inspections and other roof related works. If you are in need of professional roofing services, call Turnbull Roofing today at 905-579-ROOF (Oshawa)/905-686-ROOF (Ajax) or visit our website.