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May 24, 2019




3 Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

The sun is shining, the birds and chirping, and it is finally springtime! With the change in weather, it is important to make time to check on your roof and do some spring maintenance. Turnbull Roofing, a roofing company in Oshawa, makes knowing where to start easy by providing these 3 helpful tips for spring roof maintenance.

Clean Out Gutters

The first thing you want to do is clear out any debris or blockages from your gutters and surrounding areas. Leaves, twigs, and other fallen items can block the gutter canal and cause major damage to your roof and siding. Make sure that a professional contractor clears your gutters safely and correctly.

Check The Shingles

The next step is to check the shingles. Make sure that no shingles are loose, broken, curling, or cracked. If you see shingles in any of these conditions, you must get them replaced immediately so that no further damage can occur and so that your roof does not develop a leak. While doing this, also check for missing nails or nails that are sticking upright so that they can be removed or fixed. If there is too much damage to your roof, consider installing a new one.

Look For Water Damage

The final step is to look for signs of water damage. This can be identified as cracks on your roof or soft spots that cannot hold as much weight as other parts of your roof. If you suspect water damage or notice a leak, hire a professional to deal with the matter immediately as it can cause major damage to your home.

Seasonal maintenance will ensure that your roof stays in good condition for years to come. The way to avoid replacing your roof for as long as possible is to take preventative measures and care for your roof appropriately. Keep your roof looking great with these easy steps. If you are concerned about your roof’s condition or need a replacement roof, call Turnbull Roofing at 905-579-ROOF (7663) and get a free quote from us today!