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January 11, 2022


Attic Insulation


Taking Care Of Your Icy Roof In The Winter

As the cold season continues, there will be many snow-filled festivities that will come our way. However, we must not forget the hassle of snow blockages in our yards, driveways and our roofs. Just a few hours of snow can accumulate immensely on our roofs, causing a number of problems. Here are some important reminders on keeping your roof in good shape this winter.

1. Keeping Your Attic Insulated & Ventilated

Attics are the first line of defense between your home and snow load. Regularly check if your attic has any structural damage from snow forming. By keeping your attic well ventilated and insulated can prevent your house from getting cold. Insulation also helps any heat from escaping to the outside, which can be a cause for ice dams or icicles.

2. Look For Signs of Snow Imbalance

As snowfall occurs regularly throughout the day, it is likely that a lot of it will build up on your roof. While a regular amount of snow buildup in itself is fine, there can be a few areas where there is significantly more snow buildup than others. This can happen due to a number of reasons, including wind channels moving the snow to one area. The extra weight adds pressure to your housing structure, potentially causing damage. Therefore, it is important to always check your roof for snow build up and call a professional if there are any signs of damage.

3. Keep Your Eavestroughs Clean

Regularly cleaning and maintaining the flow of your eavestroughs before the snow comes can ensure that melted ice has a proper way of escaping. Eavestroughs that has blockages like leaves or dirt can build up excess snow and ice, potentially forming ice dams or icicles.

4. Keep An Eye Out For Icicles

If you notice that your roof is already starting to form icicles, it is important to take precautions earlier on. If the roof is relatively small and the icicles are tiny, removing them gently can work. However once icicles grow big enough they are extremely dangerous and must only be taken care of by a professional.

5. Check For Any Signs of Physical Damage

The excess stress from too much snow can cause physical damages to your house, which can become a hazard if not taken care of. Look for signs of cracks in your walls, as these indicate that there is extra pressure on your house from the outside. Broken eavestroughs and any water leakage into your home are also major warning signs that snow on your roof is becoming a problem.

As most of us Canadians know, the winter can present us with harsh challenges. Regularly checking and maintaining your roof components will help you overcome the winter. However, if you do notice signs of physical distress or the formation of ice dams on your roof, it is important to contact a professional immediately before any further damage occurs.

 Our experienced team at Turnbull Roofing can assist you with all types of ice and snow removal, including roof maintenance. For more information, contact Turnbull Roofing at info@turnbullroofing.com or call (905)-579-ROOF