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June 30, 2016


Roof Components


The Advantages of Insulating Your Roof

Did you know that your roof is a major source of heat loss in your home? It accounts for nearly 25% of all air waste. In some cases, a poorly insulated roof leaks more than half of the warmth and cold that we spend money to generate.

For all climate types, roof insulation promises a variety of benefits. We examine the most popular incentives below. After reading, if you’d like to assess or improve the insulation of your roof, consult a professional who can inform you of the Building Code standards in your municipality.

Insulation Improves Home Energy Efficiency

A well-insulated roof increases your home energy rating, which positively impacts property value. With less air escaping as it rises, monthly energy bills drop. It becomes easier to maintain temperatures in the home and to rely less on the heating and cooling systems. While saving money, insulation also spares the environment unnecessary carbon emissions.

Insulation Can Soundproof Your Home

Certain insulation materials can soundproof your home. While roof insulation might not damper noise made from the main floor (unless a bungalow), it can reduce what neighbours hear from the bedrooms and living spaces below the attic. As well, insulation can muffle outdoor sounds travelling into the home.

Insulation Protects Your Home from Winter Leaks

When snow piles on a roof, it can melt in patches if hot air leaks from the attic. Regardless the slope of the roof, this will create pools of water and threaten leaks. A well-insulated roof should not melt the snow, except for around common ventilation areas.