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July 5, 2019


Factors Effecting Roof Lifespan


The Most Common Roof Problems

The best way to ensure a long lasting roof is to regularly maintain it. This will allow homeowners to spot signs of damage early on and take immediate steps to manage the problem. Here are some of the most common roof problems and how to identify them before they turn into an expensive repair cost.


Roof Vent Defects
Vents can become brittle due to exposure to elements such as rain, storms, and animals. They may begin to leak if they become too brittle. You can identify this problem by checking for wear and tear in your vents and by checking if they are leaking.

Gutter Problems
Sagging, leaks, holes, and improper pitching are signs of typical gutter issues. This can be easily fixed by regularly cleaning them out, sealing the joints properly, filling in bigger holes, and ensuring that the gutter is pitched towards downspouts.

Damaged Shingles
Damaged shingles can look like fish mouthing, cupping, curling, cracking, or blistering. It is caused by bad insulation or weather.

Fault Flashing
Flashing issues may be a result of poor materials or improper installation. Extreme weather conditions can also cause damages. Use standard quality materials and professional installation to avoid this problem.

Damages to The Roof Valley
The roof valley is the angle where two slopes meet—the place in a roof that looks like a valley. Leaking, aging, poor installation, and low quality materials are the most common causes of roof valley issues. Regular maintenance is the only way to prevent issues.

Chimney & Skylight Problems
When flashing that surrounds a chimney or skylight begins to separate from brick, leaks occur. Signs of separation and leaking should be met with immediate repair using cement. To prevent issues and leaks to skylights, remove snow, debris, twigs, and leaves.

Hiring a quality team of roofers for your roof installation or repairs will ensure that your roof lasts as long as possible. Avoid these issues by calling Turnbull Roofing, your local Oshawa Roofing Company, today at 905-579-ROOF