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May 2, 2018




The Risks of DIY Roofing Projects

For some homeowners, performing their own home repairs, especially if they’re not too extensive, is a great way to save on the labour costs associated with hiring a contractor. Having said that, without proper knowledge of roof repairs and the correct tools, DIY roofing projects can lead to the following issues:

Improper Results

If you’re lacking extensive knowledge and experience with roofing projects, your work won’t be sufficient to resolve the issue. For starters, roofing experts can accurately assess your roof’s current state and identify all issues that need to be addressed. They will also suggest the most effective solutions for those issues. Many homeowners may not be able to accurately identify all roof issues and know the ideal course of action to fix them. Professional roofers not only have the expertise but the tools to ensure your roof receives the best care.

Safety Risks

Another important aspect of roofing work is that it requires being on top of your house, which is a very dangerous work environment. Without the right roofing equipment and safety knowledge, a person should never be on their roof. You’re not only risking your well-being but the well-being of your roof, as walking on a roof can damage and loosen shingles from the structure.

Although the cost-benefits and sense of accomplishment, associated with doing your own roof work, can be appealing it’s important to remember what’s best for your home. If you aren’t equipped to administer the best care for your roof, you could end up with a larger roofing project than the initial situation or a roof that won’t be able to endure adverse weather conditions, leading to a shorter lifespan.

By seeking the assistance of professional roofers, like Turnbull Roofing, you’re ensuring your roofing needs are addressed effectively, in a reasonable timeframe, at a fair cost. This not only lengthens your roof’s lifespan, but prevents any damage to the rest of your house due to a compromised roofing structure.