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January 19, 2021


Roof Maintenance


Things To Do If You Have A Leaky Roof

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. And sometimes when it pours, it pours inside your house.

As roofers, we know that nobody ever wants to consider the possibility that their roof will spring a leak, but the reality is that if your roof is a bit on the older side or if it has experienced some weather damage, it might happen to you. Regardless, it is always best to be prepared for any situation. So, if you find yourself thinking, “I have a leaky roof! What do I do?” then this is the blog for you.

Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is irreversible. This means that if you spot a leak, the first thing you should do is use plastic coverings to cover anything that can be damaged. This is a great method to use on things like furniture. For smaller items, we recommend removing them from the room entirely.

Contain The Water

Target the leak, find out where water is pouring from, then immediately place a bucket or any time of container beneath the leak in order to catch the water. This will help you avoid water damage to your belongings as well as avoid accidentally obtaining an indoor swimming pool. If you find water splashing all over the place, put a towel under the bucket to absorb the water, or lead a string from the leak to over the bucket/container to act as a “guide” for the water.

Call Your Insurance

Make sure you have coverage, especially if you believe that your home has sustained damages. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover water damages, etc. it is recommended to do this to find out for sure to begin the planning stages (repairs).

Fix The Leaky Roof

Once you’ve done all of that, the most important step comes next: fixing your roof. Be sure to call a professional roofer in your area to fix your roof. Although a DIY project may seem tempting, you should never fool around with your roof as it is one of the most essential part of your home’s structure. Leave it to professionals with over 30 years of experience, like us at Turnbull Roofing!

Prevent Future Leaks

Some things you can do to achieve this are:

  • Trim your trees – falling branches and debris can damage your roof’s surface and eventually cause a leak
  • Clean your gutters – if you don’t do this, water may build up, cause pressure, and cause a leak
  • Check your collars and flashing – compromised pipe collars and damaged vent flashing are some of the most common causes of leaking.

So, your roof is leaking. What do you do? You call Turnbull Roofing. For roofing maintenance, repairs or replacement, we’ve got you covered.