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June 6, 2018


Roof Design


Tips for Planning Your Home Renovation Projects in 2018

When given the opportunity to renovate your home, it’s easy for the creativity to kick in and with it a mile long wish list. Organization is pivotal in making the best use of your time and financial investment required to see your home renovation to fruition.

To help you in the organization process, we’ve dissected what that process would look like a bit more down below.

Differentiate Between What You Want/Need and What You Can Do

To start, get a clear understanding of the work that your home needs to stay safe and what you need from your home for a functional space. For example:

  • Are your parents moving in the basement and you need a living area done?
  • Or is your roof leaking and you need to have it repaired before the situation worsens?

You may find certain projects need to be done to keep your home in line with building codes and prepare space for future projects. Once you have determined what your home needs and what you want to see done, rank them in order of importance. Now you’ll have a clearer perspective on what needs to be addressed and what order to address it!

Create a Budget and Decide Who You’re Going to Trust with It

At this point, you have a completed project list and it’s time to form a realistic budget for the scope project. Depending on the size of your project list and your budget, you may have to forego certain wants to complete the needs, so make sure to be realistic about what you can afford!

Ensure to include important factors like living arrangements, if the project will cause you to have to stay somewhere else in the meantime.

At Turnbull Roofing, we understand the importance of providing thorough assessments, to identify all issues, and coming up with a realistic budget to rectify those issues. We take pride in our work and give each project the personal attention it deserves!