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February 14, 2018


Cleaning Roof


Tips for Safely Removing Snow from Your Roof

Keeping your roof free of piling snow help prevent ice dams, which can lead to roof leaks. A roof free of snow also isn’t stressed by the additional weight all that snow places on it. This is especially important if your roof is older in years and you’re trying to lengthen its lifespan before a roof replacement is needed.

A properly constructed, healthy roof should be able to withstand the snow accumulation from an Ontario winter; however, if you feel your roof has an excessive amount of snow build-up, employing correct means of snow removal is critical. As a general rule of thumb, snow or ice removal should be considered if you have two inches of ice or two feet of snow on your roof.

So, How Can I Properly Remove Snow From My Roof?

Be Careful with Salt

Although sodium chloride (rock salt) is effective at melting snow, it contains oxidizing agents that can damage various parts of your roof, such as your shingles, nails, eavestroughs and other components. This isn’t to say salt can’t be utilized to remove snow from your roof, it’s just critical you use the right type. Calcium chloride or potassium chloride are more roof-friendly alternatives and still do a great job of removing the snow! If you own pets that tend to explore the outside of your property (i.e., dogs or cats), it’s best to use pet-friendly products. Chloride-free products made with polypropylene and urea are good options.

Seek the Help of a Professional Roofer

Roof work can be difficult enough in good weather, adding snow and ice to the situation makes snow removal that much more challenging and it doesn’t help that you’re potentially two stories off the ground. Without the proper tools and equipment, removing snow from your roof can be extremely dangerous.

If you really feel that your roof is being negatively impacted by a large load of snow collecting on it, it’s best to seek professional assistance! A reputable roofer can deliver optimal results without anyone getting injured in the process.

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