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June 9, 2021


Roof Design


Two Common Roof Designs and Why They Matter

When looking at a house, one of the main features you will notice is its roof.  With both functional and aesthetic features, it is clear that roof design is important!  Learn about two common roof designs, and how they can affect your home.

Common Designs
  1. Gable Roof

A bottomless triangle shape resting on the house, it is likely that a gable roof is the first design you envision when you think of a roof.  A gable roof will work well with a variety of home designs, and can be enhanced with complex details such as additional gables over entryways or windows.

Gables are able to shed water and snow easily, and are a good choice in environments that experience high precipitation.  They are good for ventilation, can provide additional living space in the attic—or provide beautiful vaulted ceilings.  Not only are they a classic design, they are easy to build, less expensive to construct than most designs, and are great for those on a tighter budget.

  1. Hip Roof

Another traditional style, the hip roof consists of four equal-length slopes meeting in the middle to form a ridge.  The design of a hip roof means that it will be very visible when looking at the house, and the type and colour of shingles will be very apparent.  Similar to the gable roof, a hip roof can provide additional living space with the addition of dormers.

Hip roofs are great for houses that experience extreme weather.  Their slope means that they shed rain and snow easily, while the construction can also withstand strong winds.  These roofs will be able to stand up to harsh weather conditions, but their complexity also leads to higher costs… though the cost will be well worth it.

Why does Design Matter?

Your roof serves both an aesthetic and practical function. Your roof slope will determine whether precipitation can run off your home adequately and can provide a longer lifespan for your roof, whereas design is important so that you are happy with the overall look of your home.

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